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What is it?

Before we move your data into the cloud, Arakt will help you consider which cloud model and architecture works best for your business and data needs.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Monitoring & Maintenance
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What is the step process?

The step process we usually undergo with our clients is always the same:

  • 1. Requirement Analysis
  • 2. Planning
  • 3. Architecture and Sub-system Design
  • 4. Deployment
  • 5. Monitoring & Maintenance
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What are the benefits?

The cloud allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time.

  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Better Security
  • Flexible Scaling
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We can evaluate your business and tell you if and by how much you can optimize your processes by migrating to the cloud.

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