Client Description

World Data Lab (WDL) is a data enterprise that produces the most consistent and credible estimates for spending and demography.

Client Background

Research from WDL has appeared on CNN, in The Economist, and in the Financial Times. Some of their clients include HSBC, L’Oreal, and Citibank. Their advisory board includes leading representatives of the World Bank, Brookings Institution, academia, and their team is made up of the world’s leading experts on economics, demography, and income.

Project and Challenges

Contracted by the WDL team, we worked on the World Hunger Clock product, which enables everyone to explore the most accurate and granular estimates of food insecurity around the world, including projections until 2030.

Apart from the developed business cases, designs and frontend they required a technology partner to develop the backend and take care of the deployment processes to the cloud.

Value Delivered

We have analyzed WDL’s requirements and created the needed documentation.

After approval, we implemented a web API, which processes and sends back aggregated data to end-users. Additionally, they requested that not only should the update and maintenance of the API be automatic, but the data update and deployment as well, to which a custom automatic data deployment solution was developed as well. The newly written web services were integrated with the frontend provided by the WDL team and they were deployed to the cloud with automated CI/CD processes.

With this, we managed to achieve full automation of the update and maintenance processes of the World Hunger Clock product.


Project Info

  • Category: Web App
  • Project Name: Hunger Clock
  • Client: World Data Lab
  • Client Website:

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