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To optimize IT infrastructure costs without worrying about security and data protection.


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Your Smooth Journey towards the Cloud with Arakt


Evaluation & ROI Estimation


Planning & Architecture


Migration & Development


Maintenance & Optimization


Cloud Migration

Migration of your IT applications to the cloud.


Cloud Development

Additional custom development work.


Cloud Management

Further optimization, security scans and maintenance.

Why choose Arakt for your Cloud Journey

The key benefits, that you will receive and which motivate our clients to choose us as a cloud consulting partner, are:

  • Continuous Security and Privacy Checks
  • Continuous Optimizations and Updates
  • Fast Reaction and Personalized Support
  • Long Term One-Stop-Shop Partner
450 +
Services Migrated to the Cloud
1 TB+
Data Processed in the Cloud
250 k+
Analytical Queries Executed in the Cloud
150 +
Cloud Security Scans Performed

Recent Case Studies

We are always happy to share the success of our clients!

Client Testimonials

We work for the success of our clients!

Project Manager @ Insurance Company

We were having severe stability problems with a high-traffic web application of ours that gets over 10 million visits per month. Arakt helped us migrate to the cloud and even fixed some code issues. Since then we’ve had a near 100% uptime, with an even faster app and a clean and scalable architecture. I cannot recommend Arakt highly enough.



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Basic Cloud Support

  • Unlimited Support Cases
  • Email + Service Portal
  • Basic SLA
  • Security Best Practices
  • Architectural Guidance
  • Optimization Suggestions

Business Cloud Management

  • Medium-Sized Cloud Infrastructure
  • Unlimited Support Cases
  • Unlimited Change Requests
  • Email + Service Portal + Messaging Platform
  • Business SLA
  • Security Scanning & Patching
  • Service Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Continuous Optimizations
  • Technical Account Manager

Custom Cloud Project

  • Arbitrary-Sized Cloud Infrastructure
  • Unlimited Support Cases
  • Unlimited Change Requests
  • Custom Communication Channel
  • Custom SLA
  • Custom Project Requirements
  • Technical Account Manager

Do You Have Any Questions?

Our Basic Cloud Support plan is more oriented towards:

  • Answering “How to” questions.
  • Advising on cloud security practices.
  • Providing guidance on cloud architecture.
  • Suggesting possible cloud optimizations.

The client has the right to keep and freely use the resources and digital assets provided even after the plan is canceled.

This plan, however, DOES NOT include:

  • Code development.
  • Debugging custom software.
  • Performing system administration tasks.
  • Accessing control of customer managed accounts or systems.

The Basic SLA provides an initial response time of up to 8 hours, and covers the following service times:


Monday – Thursday

09:00 – 17:00 CET



09:00 – 15:00 CET

Instead of hiring a consultant with high bill rates you can have your questions answered every month for a fraction of the cost.

With our Business Cloud Management plan you delegate the management of your cloud environments to us.

We basically act as your cloud IT department and we proactively:

  • Monitor and keep your services up to date.
  • Optimize your cloud infrastructure.
  • Conduct Security scans and patch vulnerabilities.
  • Support and collaborate with internal tech resources.

With this plan you are also able to:

  • Request environment and service changes (ex. clear AWS ElastiCache cache, change source of Azure pipeline, increase node resources of the GCP GKE or attach external memory storage to a Kubernetes cluster)
  • Request environment and service deployment and redeployment

This plan DOES NOT include the development or debugging of custom software or integration logic between the different cloud or on-prem services.

The Business SLA similar to the Basic one covers the following service times:


Monday – Thursday

09:00 – 17:00 CET



09:00 – 15:00 CET


The difference comes from the initial response times:

Up to 8 hours: for low priority issues (ex change requests)

Up to 4 hours: for high priority issues (ex. partial obstruction or wrong behavior of a service)

Up to 1 hour: for critical incidents (ex. critical service is down)

Instead of building an internal team to manage your cloud environment, you can hire one, for a fraction of the cost.

Yes, for the Basic plan we require an initial commitment of 3 months and for the Business plan, 6 months.

After the initial period, the given plan renews automatically on a per month basis, meaning we would only require 1 month’s notice in case you would like to cancel your plan.

Yes, the Custom Cloud Project is exactly for custom needs. You are not required to continue using our services, once the project is completed.

Expand your business with the cloud.